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Toasted (The Broom Closet Mysteries)

Ah, Ireland. Land o' leprechauns, Guinness, and Bono. Peyton Reynolds and her boyfriend, Milo Hennessy, have travelled to Dublin to attend his sister's wedding. She's not surprised to find ghosts everywhere, especially at the old chapel where Muriel is getting married. She is surprised to find herself suddenly playing bridesmaid to her honey's twin. At least his family likes her, right?

But when one of the bridesmaids goes missing, and later turns up dead--and haunting Peyton--she and Milo must team up to find the culprit before they kill any more of the wedding party: namely Milo, whose long-absent father has suddenly reappeared and brought with him a centuries-old feud that's spilling out into modern-day Ireland.

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